Michael Chan

Hi, I'm Michael. I am a recent photojournalism graduate from Calgary, Alberta and have worked at various newspapers as a writer and photographer. My reason for my study choice in school was the fact that I loved telling stories through visuals, mainly through video like documentaries. However, I somehow ended up falling in love with the part of journalism I didn't really like at first, photography. Recently I was named one of Canada's Top 30 Wedding Photographers under 30 by the Canada Photo Convention.

My vision for every wedding is to show what makes every couple unique. I take risk and I experiment. If I were to ever get all my clients together in 5 years and have them look at each others photo collection, I want each to see that their day was special in its own way and that it's not just a cookie cutter system of photographs.

I hope that with every photo you will be taken back to your special day each and every time you look at them.

Lets make inspirations together.