Why choose me?

I understand that it can be uncomfortable having a camera pointed at you, it’s my job to find what’s most comfortable for you on your wedding day. A wedding is often evolving, sometimes chaotic and personal story that I am there to document. I believe the best way to capture the story is to tell it as is. The art is in letting the real story unfold naturally, without manufacturing any moments or poses. What sets me apart from other photographers is the way I approach my craft. I shoot weddings honestly and quietly. I believe in being authentic, in being vulnerable and letting the chaos evolve and telling real stories.

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Michael and I’m a Calgary and Banff mountain wedding photographer. I have been fortunate enough to travel some of the world and most of Canada through my camera. I'm a huge nerd and I am constantly on the hunt for the best food in whatever city I'm in. I went to university studying journalism but my camera took me on a different route and I couldn't be more grateful. So wherever you're from or hoping to go, I'm with you.

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